Managing Knowledge in Aircraft Engineering

UP Organizer and Publication Co., Ltd.
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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference on Logistics and Transport & The 1st International Conference on Business and Economics, 2010, pp. 951 - 960
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In this paper, the authors analyse knowledge management (KM) practices in civil aviation industry and introduce a framework for better management of knowledge in aircraft engineering (AE). After comprehensive review of KM literature, this paper offers insights into the existing KM practices in AE using a case study in the Saudi Arabian Aviation industry (SAAI). The KM research data was collected through discussions and interviews as well as through observations during one of the authorâs employment as aircraft engineer in the SAAI. Synthesis of these results with the KM literature was used to identify the gaps between the KM theory and current practices in AE. Finally, an operationsbased knowledge management (OBKM) system framework was developed to address these gaps and overcome ineffectiveness in current practices.
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