Internet of Things and Its Impacts in Computing Intelligence: A Comprehensive Review – IoT Application for Big Data

IGI Global
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Big Data Analytics for Smart and Connected Cities, 2019, pp. 103-136
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In the age of information superhighway, internet of things (IoT) is a hotly debated subject. The difference between ancient era and current time is the very lager digital communications among the people in whole world. The entire universe is moving towards digitalization and the key framework is the internet and connecting devices. The devices that are connected with internet are called internet of things. So, the impacts and influences of IoT are very significant in current computational analysis and dealings. Realizing the worth of big data in internet of things (IoT), this contribution gives instances of M2M messaging mechanism, cloud-based embedded computing, mobile computing, and cellular networking technologies in alliance with IoT devices, sensors, gadgets, etc., location spoofing detection for IoT, clustering tools for next generation, and details observation of methods, prospects, processing of big data which has a massive growth after the evolution of IoT. Finally, the concluding announcement interprets principal scheme of this work and future research directions in this field.
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