Enhancement of urea removal from reclaimed water using thermally modified spent coffee ground biochar activated by adding peroxymonosulfate for ultrapure water production.

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Journal Article
Bioresour Technol, 2022, 349, pp. 126850
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To enhance the degradation of urea in reclaimed water for producing ultrapure water (UPW), thermally modified biochar (TBC) was prepared by secondary pyrolysis using spent coffee biochar with the function as an activator of peroxymonosulfate (PMS). Results showed that 94.4% of urea can be degraded effectively by the TBC-PMS system at the dosage of 0.4 g/L TBC and 2 g/L PMS under neutral and weak acid conditions. Moreover, urea removal mainly depended on the free radical pathway (SO4• - and OH•), especially OH•. The inorganic anions of TBC increased via secondary pyrolysis, especially carbonate and phosphate, resulting in higher electrical conductance (EC) value than the original biochar. It was conducive to activating PMS. As well, C-O, -OH worked as an active site in the TBC-PMS system, providing electrons and activating PMS. This work provides a novel strategy for UPW production using TBC-PMS system.
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