Thematizing Change: Creativity, Dynamic Practices and Sustainability

International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute (IFFTI)
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Conference Proceeding
Fashion: Sustainability and Creativity, Conference Proceedings, International Foundation of Fashion Technology Institute, 12th Annual Conference, Taipei, 2010, pp. 276 - 287
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Sustainable fashion seeks to bring about change in the way we carry out our practices. Such a change requires a reconsideration of what constitutes change. Creativity, as understood in the field of design, is commonly understood to be an object-focused activity with associations to innovation, aesthetic distinction and originality. Creative fashion is often viewed as the ability of fashion designers to produce fashion garments of distinction, originality and beauty. The extent to which those engaged in fashion design aspire to these forms of distinction means other possible courses of change-oriented action may remain unexamined. This paper brings into relief two contrasting notions of fashion creativity, one concerned primarily with the fashion garment, the other focussed on more exploratory and experimental fashion activity.
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