Sustainable Applications of Tyre-Derived Aggregates for Railway Transportation Infrastructure

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Journal Article
Sustainability (Switzerland), 2022, 14, (18)
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Scrap tyres are used to produce tyre-derived aggregates (TDA), which can be used as fill material, backfill material, drainage layers, and vibration-damping material, among other uses. This study presents a comprehensive review of TDA applications in civil engineering with a specific focus on railway projects. A review of the existing literature reveals the lack of sufficient knowledge on the use of TDA in slab tracks. This article also analyses the adequacy of different constitutive models to properly simulate the performance of TDA while highlighting the importance of adopting the most suitable constitutive model. The variations in shear stresses and displacements with depth below ballasted and slab tracks in the presence and absence of TDA are discussed. It is shown that TDA effectively reduces the shear stresses for the subgrade layer of both track types. Moreover, the impact of TDA on stress transfer in the vertical and lateral track directions is assessed. The findings from the present analysis reveal that TDA helps in reducing the vertical and lateral stresses near its placement position in ballasted and slab tracks.
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