Postfeminism, postrace and digital politics in Asian American food blogs

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This book examines how Asian American women bloggers challenge dominant race and gender discourses through the practice of food blogging. Asian American food blogs, which situate recipes and food photography within the personal narratives and domestic spaces of Asian American women, offer unique insights into the ways that hegemonic race and gender discourses are negotiated in quotidian life. The genre’s focus on food provides a particularly rich backdrop for this study as it necessarily implicates family histories, gendered labour, domestic spaces, and the power dynamics of consumption. These intimate digital texts therefore provide unique insights into the ways that postfeminist and postrace discourses are encountered in the individual’s mundane experiences. The author engages a critical cultural analysis of food blogs narratives, images, communities, and platforms expressions of post-race and feminism discourses are constrained by the commercial logics of this digital culture. The author argues that while Asian American food blogs rarely present a sustained challenge to hegemonic identity representation, the processes of reproduction and rupture that define this blogosphere consistently reveal the collective desire to push back against the limits of ‘post’-identities. This is a unique and fascinating study which is ideal reading for students and scholars of gender studies, media studies, cultural studies and sociology.
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