Technology driving changes in competitor decision making and match management

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Conference Proceeding
Business Transformation through Innovation and Knowledge Management: An Academic Perspective - Proceedings of the 14th International Business Information Management Association Conference, IBIMA 2010, 2010, 3 pp. 2116 - 2124
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The main aim and focus of this work is to examine the impacts of the differing information technologies, currently used in sport, are having on the competitor's decision making processes and their match management. One Olympic sport which is currently introducing mandatory decision making technologies to the scoring processes was examined through discussion groups and interviews. The participants in the study had all participated and competed from the grassroots level to the elite level in Taekwondo, and exposed to various 'officiating' technologies as the technologies were being adopted by their sport. The findings present that, in the majority, the differing degrees of information technology being employed does impact on the athlete's decision making process and the individual's match management. When information technology is being used to provide a mechanism to ensure the correctness of officiating decisions, the outcomes of the matches can be additionally affected by the athlete's ability to adapt to the technology as well as the situation. The diligent use and application of appropriate technologies can be used as an effective aid, but it does come at a cost. Since the introduction of the use of decision making technology, the way the athlete prepares and competes in a match has changed. The findings provide a basis for further studies and examination of the impacts of the introduction of information technologies into other sports and as a transformer of sport.
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