Visualising project interdependencies for enhanced project portfolio decision-making

Australian Institute Project Management (AIPM)
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Conference Proceeding
2010 Conference: Project Management - Creating a Future (AIPM2010), 2010, pp. 1 - 13
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Project management (PM) and project portfolio management (PPM) communities face challenges in the management of complex and highly interdependent project portfolios, as these interdependencies must be understood and managed for best project and portfolio outcomes. The research reported in this paper provides benefits to the global PM and PPM community by introducing a new tool and by providing insights into the factors affecting an organisationâs ability to understand project interdependencies (PI). Visual project mapping (VPM), the creation of graphical displays of projects and their interdependencies as a network of nodes and arrows, is shown to provide benefits by supporting communication and strategic portfolio decision making. The research also highlights the importance of the environment and culture as well as processes and tools and indicates that they work together to improve an organisationâs understanding of project portfolio interdependencies
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