Assessment of wind-induced fatigue crack initiation life at guyed mast earplate joints considering welding residual stresses

Zhongguo Tumu Gongcheng Xuehui
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Journal Article
Tumu Gongcheng Xuebao - China Civil Engineering Journa, 2010, 43 (SUPPL. 2), pp. 22 - 27
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A new method for assessing the degree of the cumulative fatigue crack initiation damage of the welds of earplate joints of a guyed mast,which connect the mast with the cable,is proposed.Based on the multi-scale wind-induced stress analysis of the earplate joint,and considering the welding residual stresses at the earplate joints,the critical plane approach is used for the calculation of the cumulative strain fatigue damage due to combined actions of the welding residual stresses and wind load.The multi-axis fatigue accumulative damages of the welds of earplate joints in different wind orientations and at different wind average velocities are then evaluated on basis of Mason-coffin formula and Miner fatigue accumulative damage rule.The crack germination life is also calculated from the total damage.
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