A numerically efficient framework in failure mode evaluation of a wind turbine tower under cyclones

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Journal Article
Marine Structures, 2022, 86, pp. 103303
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With more wind turbines being constructed in cyclone-prone regions, tower failure cases are increasingly reported in recent years. To simulate the genuine tower performance under extreme events, nonlinear dynamic analyses on a highly refined finite element model were adopted in recent research. However, existing research based on such practice has certain deficiencies in terms of computational cost reduction, aero-structure interaction characterization and failure mode classification. This article proposed a numerically efficient framework in the failure mode identification and evaluation of a wind turbine tower under cyclones (hurricanes/typhoons) to cope with the forenamed deficiencies. The aero-structure interaction, geometric and material nonlinearity of a turbine structure are realized and validated before involved into that framework, in which three different failure modes can be classified and analyzed with high numerical efficiency. At last, the effects of external environmental and internal structural parameters, e.g., wind velocity, turbine scale, parking status, section slenderness and material model are considered for both onshore and offshore wind turbines (OWTs), so as to reflect the wide applicability of this proposed framework and provide instructive reference for wind turbine design under extreme conditions like cyclones.
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