Active distribution system resilience quantification and enhancement through multi-microgrid and mobile energy storage

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Journal Article
Applied Energy, 2022, 311
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The functional capability of the active distribution network is continually challenged by extreme weather and unforeseen events. A complete resilience quantification framework is required to assess the resilience of a distribution system. With this objective, a framework for demonstrating resilience enhancement through the utilization of multi-microgrids (MMGs) and mobile energy storage in extreme operating conditions is developed in this paper. In the proposed framework, four resilience indices, that is, withstand, recovery, adapt, and prevent (WRAP), are introduced. Withstand index signifies the coping capability after the event, where the MG plays a vital role. The recovery index measures the restoration after the event ends through the system reconfiguration using MGs, tie-lines, and mobile energy storage. The adapt index shows the stability of the system before and during the events. Finally, the prevent index suggests how different resources are important and responsible for fast recovery and minimizing consequences. WRAP, as a resilience quantification framework, is formulated in this study, and indices are quantified and enhanced through the MMG and mobile energy storages. The IEEE 33-bus system is considered for this study, and simulation is performed with different scenarios and measured resilience indices. It is found that appropriate reconfiguration through the use of MMG, tie-lines, and mobile storages can remarkably enhance the resilience of a distribution system.
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