Centralised Quality of Experience and Service Framework Using PROMETHEE-II for Cloud Provider Selection

Springer, Cham
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Intelligent Processing Practices and Tools for E-Commerce Data, Information, and Knowledge, 2022, pp. 79-94
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The extensive diffusion of cloud services has fostered a business growth culture and innovation that propagate to many consumers and providers. For enabling a sustainable trusted relationship and for forming practicable successful service level agreements (SLAs), all stakeholders need a centralised Quality of Experience (QoE) and Quality of Service (QoS) repository that assists them in forming such an agreement. A cloud consumer needs a centralised QoE repository that supports them in selecting the right service provider that satisfies consumer’s requirements in terms of cost, reliability, efficiency and other QoS parameters. On the other end, a cloud provider needs a reliable QoS repository that provides consumers with up-to-date information about services and enables a provider to take an optimal decision to allocate the amount of marginal resources while forming an SLA. Due to the elastic nature of a cloud and lack of proper resource management, the service provider usually caught in service violation, leading to violation penalties both in terms of trust and money. Existing literature lacks studies on a centralised repository to assist cloud providers in resource management and cloud consumer service selection. To address the issue, we discuss the idea of a Centralised Quality of Experience and Service (CQoES) repository framework. The approach uses PROMETHEE-II method where each alternatives are assessed based on consumer’s custom weighted QoS attributes. The framework ensures the cloud marketplace’s economic growth and helps the interacting parties build a durable and long-term trusted relationship
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