Meeting NSW electricity needs in a carbon constrained world: lowering costs and emissions with distributed energy

Intelligent Grid Cluster
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2009, pp. 1 - 38
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Communities in developed nations expect their governments to ensure the reliable supply of electricity. Reflecting these expectations, the NSW Government established an Inquiry into Electricity Supply in NSW in 2007, chaired by Professor Anthony Owen (the Owen Inquiry). This Inquiry was asked in particular to review the need and timing for new baseload supply. The Owen Inquiry concluded that there was a potential shortfall in baseload supply from 2013/14, and recommended that planning for new power stations should commence immediately as the lead time for a coal-fired power station could be 67 years. Since the Owen Inquiry, the projections for both electricity consumption and electricity generation have been modified significantly (Transgrid 2008), such that the findings of the Inquiry warrant substantial reconsideration. It is beyond the scope of this report to review the merits of the privatisation plan proposed by the Owen Inquiry. However, it may well prove fortuitous for NSW that the Owen Inquirys recommendations were not adopted, as this means there is an opportunity to reconsider the options for securing the states electricity future.
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