Heterostructured V-Doped Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 Electrocatalysts for Hydrogen Evolution in Anion Exchange Membrane Water Electrolyzers.

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Journal Article
Small, 2022, 18, (40), pp. e2204758
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Regulating the electronic structure and intrinsic activity of catalysts' active sites with optimal hydrogen intermediates adsorption is crucial to enhancing the hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) in alkaline media. Herein, a heterostructured V-doped Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 (V-Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 ) electrocatalyst is  fabricated through a hydrothermal treatment and controllable phosphidation process. In comparison with pure-phase V-Ni2 P, in/ex situ characterizations and theoretical calculations reveal a redistribution of electrons and active sites in V-Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 due to the V doping and heterointerfaces effect. The strong coupling between Ni2 P and Ni12 P5 at the interface leads to an increased electron density at interfacial Ni sites while depleting at P sites, with V-doping further promoting the electron accumulation at Ni sites. This is accompanied by the change of active sites from the anionic P sites to the interfacial Ni-V bridge sites in V-Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 . Benefiting from the interface electronic structure, increased number of active sites, and optimized H-adsorption energy, the V-Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 exhibits an overpotential of 62 mV to deliver 10 mA cm-2 and excellent long-term stability for HER. The V-Ni2 P/Ni12 P5 catalyst is applied for anion exchange membrane water electrolysis to deliver superior performance with a current density of 500 mA cm-2 at a cell voltage of 1.79 V and excellent durability.
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