Series 4-2 Aikoku Fujinkai Senji Taiseika no Aikoku Fujinkai: Senjitaisei to Aikoku Fujinkai no Taio [Series 4-2 Patriotic Ladies' Association, Patriotic Ladies's Association under the total war: Its correspondence to a war regime]

Taiyo Shobo
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2011, 1
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Preface Series â`£ handles time after Japan-China War breaks out and war spreads afterwards and before Patriotism Ladies' Association being dissolved in 1942 (Showa 17). This volume examines how the Patriotism Ladies' Association coped with long war from the Marcopolo Bridge Incident. In addition, this shows the transfer of the officers of the association of this period. Under the all-out war system, Patriotism Ladies' Association, along with the Red Cross and the Legion, became a member of the Military Aid Central Committees, which took motion of government, and it took part in the realization of the national policy. What would the role that a patriotism women's society took charge of be?
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