Application of vertical drains and vacuum preloading for stabilising soft ground for transport infrastructure

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Smart Geotechnics for Smart Societies, 2023, pp. 269-277
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Demand for the development of transportation infrastructure built on soft clays soils has increased in the past decades because of the rapid surge in population density along the coastal belts of many countries. Acceptable ground conditions are also becoming limited. Due to these reasons, ground improvement is pertinent and required as an essential part of infrastructure development. The application of prefabricated vertical drains with vacuum and surcharge preloading can be one of the economical techniques for transportation infrastructure projects. Consoldiation of soft soil by applying a surcharge alone can become lengthy. The application of prefabricated vertical drains (PVDs) with vacuum can reduce the waiting period significantly by decreasing the drainage path length in the radial direction. In this paper, factors affected the performance of the system including (a) drain spacing and partially penetrating drains, (b) smear zone, (c) vacuum systems, (d) application of numerical analysis for multi-drain system, (e) the optimum time for switching off vaccum pump, are discussed with their advantages and limitations.
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