Indigenous Research Methods to Build an Uncontested Space for Marketing Insight

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Journal Article
International Journal of Market Research, 2023, 65, (6), pp. 796-811
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Many countries have ethnically diverse populations and marketing practitioners need to consider these diversities when undertaking research, particularly when exploring sensitive topics. In Australia, Indigenous Australians make up 3.3% of the population and are a commonly researched audience to gauge attitudes and ensure cultural offense does not occur due to unintended con- sequences of marketing activity. However, obtaining information from such a vulnerable group using quantitively based surveys is often inappropriate or insensitive. This paper introduces to Euro- western market researchers the concepts of flipping and yarning as a market research approach that has been used by Indigenous Australians for thousands of years. This circular market research approach demonstrates that ensuring a cultural understanding of the community can provide a oundation for a research approach that is ‘considered’ and respectful. It is hoped that this type of methodology can be used with other vulnerable communities as well as other diverse groups.
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