Convergence: the Intersection of Citizen and Mainstream Journalists on the Internet

B. R. Publishing Corporation
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e-Journalism New Media and News Media, 2009, 1, pp. 127 - 147
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What is journalism in an era in which traditional notious and practices of journalism are continually challenged/matched/ complemented by an explosion of digital practices, insurrections and resistances both within and outside mainstream media organisations? What does it means to be a citizen journalist iu a digital era characterised by traus-national multiple flows of images, people, resources, iu which our sense of place and time is being radically restructured by rapid technological innovations and consequent cultural and social dislocations? The intertwined relationships between journalists employed by conventional news organisations and citizen journalists have become problematic for news consumers confronted by an array of choices of accounts of events. The consumers may be entitled to reframe the old question, 'Who creates the news'? Cornet Harry Windsor had to cease active service and return to Britain in 2008 after his presence in Afghanistan was revealed by the Australian magazine, New Idea, and the blogger, Matt Drudge. So what were the differences between journalists and bloggers in this affair?
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