SEAM 2009 Spatial Phrases

Critical Path
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SEAM 2009 Spatial Phrases was a multi-tiered event that explored the nexus between architecture, space, film and the moving body. It included a three day symposium (18-20 September) , multiple workshops, specially commissioned performances and installations by choreographers and dance practitioners and a series of artist's talks. Over two weeks SEAM Spatial Phrases offered attendees the opportunity to engage in lively debate and critical and artistic exchanges with local and international dance makers, architects, film-makers and theorists working to articulate or re-define the seams of film, dance and architecture. The events was organised in relation to the themes of: non-stage spaces; unstable bodies; and traversing bodies. Speakers included: Profs Brian Massumi, Andrew Benjamin, Erin Manning and Dr Pia Ednie-Brown. Artists and practioneers included: Dorita Hannah, Carol Brown, Dr Benedict Anderson, Lawrence Wallen , Mårten Spångberg, Jondi Keane, Alan Schacher, Russell Dumas, Sue Healey, Margie Medlin and the Physical TV team. Critical Path (a choreographic research and development centre for dance artist) in collaboration with the University of Technology, Sydney and the University of Hertfordshire, UK hosted this event.
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