Cabinet magazine (2007-2010)

Immaterial Incorporated
2007, 22, 35 and 38
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Cabinet Magazine is an influential and highly regarded quarterly journal of art and culture. Published by a small non-profit organisation in Brooklyn, New York, each issue reaches around 40,000 readers (comparable to the readership of the Australian current affairs magazine 'The Monthly'). In spite of its relatively small circulation, the magazine regularly publishes the work of major academics and arts writers. The magazine was founded around three distinct missions: firstly, to be an arts magazine that artists (rather than collectors) would want to read; secondly, to provide a forum for rigorous academic writing stripped of jargon and accessible to a popular audience; and thirdly to encourage omnivorous curiosity regarding the external world. These missions intersect, producing a publication of surprising breadth and depth, with a peculiar focus on culture understood through the material history of both unusual and banal objects. As Sina Najafi explained in an interview with ArtKrush in 2006, 'a history of urban warfare is as likely to appear in our pages as a history of the doughnut.' After publishing an article ('Photoagentur Potemkin') with Cabinet in 2007, I was awarded a writer's grant by the Australia Council to travel to New York and work in Cabinet's editorial office for a period of three months. I stayed for five, engaging in research and support, and was appointed a contributing editor to the publication. Whilst holding this position I wrote original articles, translated a feature from German to English (Andreas Hiepko's 'The Islanders' 2010) and commissioned articles from other writers.
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