Morphotex Dress

Science Museum, London
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Trash Fashion: designing out waste
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The Morphotex Dress is one of 3 garments I have created using Morphotex fabric. Morphotex is a world first in structurally coloured fiber technology, developed by Teijin Fiber Japan, a company I worked with during my participation in the 1st SHINMAI Creator's Project in Japan, 2009. The Morphotex dress was selected for inclusion in an international exhibition 'Trash Fashion: designing out waste', a curated selection of international fashion designers, at the Antenna Gallery within the Science Museum London. The gallery selects the latest science news from leading scientists, engineers, designers and thinkers to showcase to the general public. Using a fabric such as Morphotex demonstrates that unconventional approaches to fashion design production can enable sustainable solutions. The colouration of the Morphotex fabric is created by structural colour, rather than pigmentation, eliminating the highly toxic process of industrial fabric dying. By working with a fabric such as Morphotex, my garments demonstrate the possibilities for engaging technological solutions to the problem of textile waste, encourage dialogue around the issue of sustainable fashion, and link biomimicry, an emergent practice within the field of sustainability, to fashion design. The Morphotex Dress has been recognized as an exemplary example of sustainable fashion, as evidenced by its inclusion in the 'Trash Fashion' exhibition, also demonstrating the interdisciplinary value of my work. The interest generated by this exhibition has extended its duration from June 2010 until September 2011. The Morphotex Dress has also been exhibited at 'FashionWare' SXSW in Austin, Texas, March 18-19, 2011
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