Escalators/ 'Mobility Visions/Bewegende Zukunft'

Theater der Welt
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The interdisciplinary event, Escalators/ ‘Mobility Visions/ Bewegende Zukunft’, co-curated with Michael Frendt (Associate Director ITI Germany), comprised a program of commissioned performative interventions, media installations and a symposium (27-28 June 2008). It was funded by the City of Halle, Berlin Senate, Hauptstadtkulturfonds, and International Theatre Institute (ITI) Berlin as part of the Theater der Welt (a triennial international theatre festival) in Halle, Germany. The event used both performative interventions, staged in public spaces such as shopping malls, the airport etc., and a program of talks as a forum to raise issues around: the ownership of public space, the partnership between surveillance, capitalism and architecture, the private sphere and civil rights, and to pose the questions: How do we move through the city? Who owns public space? What is prohibited and not prohibited? Is the ‘real world’ separated from the virtual sphere any longer? What will movement, freedom, private and public action mean in the future? How can the public, the city’s streets and society as a whole be preserved as an open space of communication – open to artistic comments and debate? Along with contributions by: Michelle Teran, (interactive media artist), Canada; Paul Gazzola, (performer/choreographer/visual artist), Australia; Dani Lima (performer/choreographer), Brazil; Charlotte Vincent, (artistic director and choreographer of Vincent Dance Theatre), UK; and Yunna Long, (dancer and choreographer of Guangzhou Modern Dance Company), China. The symposium consisted of experts from different fields including: (keynote) Clive Norris, University of Sheffield, UK; Leon Hempel, Centre for Technology and Society at the Technical University Berlin; poet Till Müller-Klug, author of ‘The inner minister for the interior’; Sander Flight, Department of Crime Prevention Amsterdam, NL; Constanze Kurz, Chaos Computer Club; and Benedict Anderson; as well as representatives from the German parliament, the police department of the city of Halle, and the security technologies departments of BOSCH and SIEMENS.
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