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'Two-Planes' was a site-specific construction that was part of the exhibition 'Co-Isolated', a group show curated by Tarsha Finney, 16-20 April 2010, that also featured new work from Richard Goodwin and Michael Snape. 'Two Planes' was a 7 by 15 metre (h, w) construction composed entirely of standard scaffolding. It was located in the center of a 3,000 square meter commerical warehouse in Alexandria, an industrially zoned suburb of Sydney. The design of the structure accentuated the vertical by utilizing continuous 7 metre high poles placed approximately 15 cm apart. This 'plane' of vertical poles was then repeated, and placed 1 metre apart from the first. As viewers approached the structure from a distance, the ability to comprehend the form was complicated by the moire affect created by the dozens of vertical poles that constituted the two planes. The context of the generic warehouse space, including, was integral to the project as its regular structural grid and corrugated metal cladding strengthened the sense of visual indeterminacy created by the work. The aim was for the construction to act as a mediating object that altered the viewer's comprehension of the space. This research into perceptual affect is a continuation of my previous work, including 'Triptych 01' (2009) and 'Point of View' (2005), both of which manipulated visual perception with a repetition of simple elements. The use of common construction materials is also a continuation of my earlier pieces 'End on End' (2005) and 'Constraints' (2007), which used common structural steel and standard industrial perspex, respectively. The work references the work of artists Robert Smithson, Dan Graham, and Robert Irwin, and architects Lebbeus Woods, Mies van der Rohe, and Oscar Niemeyer.
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