Trans-Notation 3

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Inside Out
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Inside Out, curated by Claire Smith, is an international touring exhibition that focuses on emerging digital design techniques and the growth of sophisticated rapid prototyping tools and methods. It features forty-six miniature sculptures produced in resin using 3D printing technologies by emerging and established artists and designers produced through an exchange programme between art and design schools in the UK and Australia. Developments in virtual computer visualisation and integrated digital technologies are giving contemporary makers new insight and opportunities to create objects and forms which were previously impossible to produce or difficult to envisage. The intention of the exhibition is to explore future rapid prototyping technologies currently being investigated via practice as research paradigm. TRANS-NOTATION .03 explores the topology of landscape through the interface between drawing and motion capture technology. Moving beyond the more formal use of motion capture in animation the wand is used in this instance to record the corporeal and temporal interactions, and coordinates of the body moving in the space, thereby extending the physical expression of drawing as performed through the circumambulation of 360. The technology renders the movement into 3-D which in turn provides the converging and emergent trajectories to produce this prototype. This process of recording, extrapolation, rendering, and rapid prototyping extends the expression of drawing and repositions it in a new tangible form. In seeking to provide a significant selection of researchers with the opportunity to experience and explore emerging digital design techniques and rapid prototyping tools and methods, the exhibition provides an important documentation of new practices across the three dimensional spectrum in art and design and a signpost of future directions. The exhibition attracted substantial media coverage.
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