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The exhibition piece combined old TV sets and video media to create a city skyline of scale buildings and looked at how digital technology helps us understand and improve the planning and experience of our city. It looked at the impact on movement in cities: how communication and information technologies enhance a person´s experience of place; how people interpret cities with the use of technology; and how mapping influences the design and planning of cities. The exhibition was presented through a number of research and commercial projects which used technology to provide planning and design and communication tool for the city. It contained live and interactive presentations in a number of digital media, and Barker's work was exhibited by his company, SmartSlab Ltd.The work was innovative and original in the use of old glass TV sets to present advanced animations and film of futuristic cities, buiIt into a sea led-down cityscape of skyscrapers. The project contributed to research in the areas of (1) digital cities of the future, (2) methods of illustrating advanced media in a public context, (3) technological challenge of integrating old TV set technology into an advanced digital media system.
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