Leucosis 2

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Inside Out
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Inside Out, curated by Claire Smith, is an international touring exhibition that focuses on emerging digital design techniques and the growth of sophisticated rapid prototyping tools and methods. It features forty-six miniature sculptures produced in resin using 3D printing technologies by emerging and established artists and designers produced through an exchange programme between art and design schools in the UK and Australia. Developments in virtual computer visualisation and integrated digital technologies are giving contemporary makers new insight and opportunities to create objects and forms which were previously impossible to produce or difficult to envisage. Collaborators included the Art Technology Coalition, the University of Technology, Sydney and RMIT University in Australia along with De Montfort University, Manchester Metropolitan University and University College Falmouth incorporating Dartington College of Arts in the United Kingdom. Working on narrative, transformative and interaction of spaces that explore the complexity and shifting nature of urban environments, Wallen's concerns include Spatial (dis)location, spatial drift, (auto)biography and spatial narrative. Leucosis 2 is a domestic work that explores relationships between micro and macro structures by proposing the virus as architecture. Juxtaposing the domestic and safe with the inherent dangers of microorganisms the work explores our sense of unease in spaces where the critical is neither physical nor visible. As SARS, H5N1, HIV have begun to define our operations so must our architecture respond.
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