Drawing Water II

Centre for Media Arts Innovation, UTS
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Memory Flows: Rivers, Creeks and The Great Artesian Basin
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Memory Flows, a project of the Centre for Media Arts and Innovation, UTS, culminated in an exhibition entitled 'Memory Flows: rivers, creeks and the great artesian basin' which examined the concepts of 'water, flows and memory'. Curated by Sophia Kouyoumdjian, Norie Neumark and Deb Turnbull, it featured fifteen media artworks by twenty CMAI members and affiliated artists: Ian Andrews, Chris Bowman, Chris Caines, Damian Castaldi, Sherre DeLys, Clement Girault, Jacqueline Gothe, Ian Gwilt, Nigel Helyer, Megan Heyward, Neil Jenkins, Solange Kershaw, Roger Mills, Maria Miranda, Norie Neumark, Shannon O'Neill, Greg Shapley, Victor Steffensen, Jen Teo and Jes Tyrrell. The exhibition, open for 15 days over two months with a public forum on June 20, included video and audio installations, interactive media works, mobile devices, projections on surfaces and through water, and an array of river related artworks and artefacts. Audience numbers totalled 2,700 visitors. 'Drawing Water II' is a collaborative work by Ian Gwilt and me. Using drawings of Sydney Harbour waterways, an animated projection with an accompanying sound design was developed that allowed the viewer an immersive experience of walking country and provided an understanding of the landforms and waterways that make up the Sydney Harbour from the Pacific Ocean to the Blue Mountains. This project is part of an ongoing research project, 'Drawing Country, that advocates an examination of ways to enhance connectedness and connection to place through visual communication. Memory Flows 2009-2010, a distributed media art project of the CMAI, was funded by the Inter-Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts.
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