Steady and dynamic performance analysis of a single-sided linear induction motor

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Conference Proceeding
AUPEC'09 - 19th Australasian Universities Power Engineering Conference: Sustainable Energy Technologies and Systems, 2009
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The train propelled by a single-sided linear induction motor (SLIM) has been paid much attention recently by both academia and industry. The SLIM drive has advantages such as the direct thrust without the need of friction between wheel and railway track, small cross-sectional area, lack of gear box, and flexible line choice thanks to the greater climbing capability and smaller turning circle compared with a rotary machine drive. However, the SLIM has longitudinal end effect and half-filled slots for its cut-open primary magnetic circuit, which could reduce the air gap average flux linkage and thrust. This paper, based on winding function method, supposes that the SLIM has three groups of windings: primary, secondary fundamental, and secondary end effect windings. The proposed method can consider the actual winding distribution and structure information, and can calculate the mutual-, self-, and leakage inductances for describing the influence of longitudinal end effect and half-filled slots. Then, a new equivalent model is presented to analyze different dynamic and steady state performances. The comprehensive comparison between simulations and experiments indicates that the proposed model can be applied for the SLIM performance prediction and control scheme evaluation.
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