iMOVE 6-026 AVAS Soundscape Literature Review

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6-026 AVAS Soundscape Milestone M002 Report, 2024, pp. 1-58
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This literature review examines the background research relevant to the design of an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS) for zero-emission buses. A design project of this kind involves several interrelated stages, the first of which is this review. The review places the design process in the context of current regulated requirements that arise as a result of the analysis of accident and fatality statistics related to electric vehicles (EV), which are silent at low speeds. The link between an absence of sound in EVs and risks to vulnerable road users (VRU) suggests that a careful appraisal of the ways in which sound keeps VRUs safe is required. Further, an interpretation of AVAS-specific research and current regulatory standards should inform the design process and establish a set of design requirements. Finally, a review of appropriate design methods is required to select relevant strategies and processes. This literature review forms part of the second milestone deliverable for iMOVE project 6-026 AVAS Soundscape.
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