Rule sets based bilevel decision model

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Conferences in Research and Practice in Information Technology Series, 2006, 48 pp. 113 - 120
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Bilevel decision addresses the problem in which two levels of decision makers, each tries to optimize their individual objectives under constraints, act and react in an uncooperative, sequential manner. Such a bilevel optimization structure appears naturally in many aspects of planning, management and policy making. However, bilevel decision making may involve many uncertain factors in a real world problem. Therefore it is hard to determine the objective functions and constraints of the leader and the follower when build a bilevel decision model. To deal with this issue, this study explores the use of rule sets to format a bilevel decision problem by establishing a rule sets based model. After develop a method to construct a rule sets based bilevel model of a real-world problem, an example to illustrate the construction process is presented. Copyright © 2006, Australian Computer Society, Inc.
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