Does Going Mobile Always Make Learning Better?

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Conference Proceeding
ED-MEDIA 2011 Proceedings, 2011, pp. 2957 - 2966
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In order to understand what mobile learning (mLearning) can contribute to the educational experience and learning outcomes of university students, an examination is made of three mLearning applications - lecture podcasting, interactive classroom systems, and studentgenerated mLearning. These are analyzed in the light of pedagogic theory and compared to the traditional, didactic lecture and to typical implementations of eLearning. The application of concepts such as student-centred learning, active experiential learning, situated learning, learning conversations and the affordances offered by mobile devices reveal that mLearning can be fundamentally different from the forms of learning that preceded it. However, it is also noted that not all mLearning leads to better educational outcomes and that more emphasis needs to be placed on learner engagement and student-centred learning as fundamental concepts of any mLearning adoption.
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