Managing the modern workforce: Cultural Diversity and It's Implications

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Nataatmadja Indrawati and Dyson Laurel 2005, 'Managing the modern workforce: Cultural Diversity and Its Implications', Idea Group Publishing, Hershey, PA, USA, pp. 580-583.
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Diversity is a reality in the modern workplace across the globe. A culturally diverse workforce can present some disadvantages for an organization, however if managed well it can yield many advantages, such as developing employee and organisational potential, improving customer service and business growth, and also enhancing creativity and problem solving. In this paper the management of cultural diversity is discussed with the focus on two main issues: people management and knowledge management. In order to optimize the positive outcomes of the modern workforce, Information Technology [IT] is an essential tool. Using appropriate technologies is shown to break down cultural barriers and promote understanding and knowledge sharing between employees of different language backgrounds and hence lead to successful collaboration.
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