Training-Free License Plate Detection Using Vehicle Symmetry and Simple Features

Image and Vision Computing New Zealand
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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings: Twenty-sixth International Conference Image and Vision Computing New Zealand, 2011, pp. 260 - 265
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In this paper, we propose a training free license plate detection method. We use a challenging benchmark dataset for license plate detection. Unlike many existing approaches, the proposed approach is a training free method, which does not require supervised training procedure and yet can achieve a reasonably good performance. Our motivation comes from the fact that, although license plates are largely variant in color, size, aspect ratio, illumination condition and so on, the rear view of vehicles is mostly symmetric with regard to the vehicles central axis. In addition, license plates for most vehicles are usually located on or close to the vertical axis of the vehicle body along which the vehicle is nearly symmetric. Taking advantage of such prior knowledge, the license plate detection problem is made simpler compared to the conventional scanning window approach which not only requires a large number of scanning window locations, but also requires different parameter settings such as scanning window sizes, aspect ratios and so on.
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