Augmented Reality Based Reaching Exercise for shoulder Rehabilitation

The Singapore Therapeutic, Assistive & Rehabilitative Technologies (START) Centre
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Conference Proceeding
International Convention on Rehabilitation Engineering & Assistive Technology, 2011, pp. 1 - 4
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Stroke or cerebrovascular accident (CVA) causes disability and affected the personâs quality of life. The rehabilitation therapies are normally conducted for post stroke patients to promote their quality of life and daily living standard. Among rehabilitation exercises, shoulder range of motion (ROM) exercise and muscle strengthening exercise are the most important rehabilitation therapies for post stroke patients as this can improve their activities of daily life. Among the shoulder ROM exercises, the reaching exercise is normally conducted with checkerboard in rehabilitation centre as a traditional therapy which becomes boring after trained for few times. To overcome this problem, same exercise with augmented reality (AR) based game like style incorporate with motivated visual and audio feedbacks has developed and details of the system is presented in this paper. The AR based reaching exercise has developed within the normal average range of motion. The system includes personal computer or laptop, webcam, marker and BioGraph Infiniti system. Thus, it can be used at home without modifying anything and patient can use easily by himself without extra help. The developed system has integrated with biofeedback system to become more effective in rehabilitation. The integrated system has already tested with healthy subject and worked perfectly with positive feedbacks.
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