Effects of soil-pile-structure interaction on seismic response of moment resisting buildings on soft soil

Near East University Press, Turkey
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Conference Proceeding
3rd International Conference on New Developments in Soil Mechanics and Geotechnical Engineering, 2012, pp. 377 - 385
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Dynamic response of structures sitting on soft soils is influenced by the soil properties, and the response is significantly different to the fixed base condition owing to the interaction between the ground and the structure, In order to study this effect, a fifteen storey moment resisting building frame, representing a conventional type of regular mid-rise building frame, resting ,on soil type Ee according to Australian Earthquake action code with the shear wave velocity equal to 150 mls is adopted. The numerical analysis using FLAC2D software is carried out for three different cases, namely: (1) fixed-base structure representing the situation excluding the soil-structure interaction (SSI); (2) structure supported by shallow foundation on soft soil; and (3) structure supported by pile foundation in soft soil. Benchmark earthquakes including the 1995 Kobe, the 1994 Northridge, the 1968 Hachinohe, and the 1940 EI Centro earthquakes are adopted. Results indicate that considering soil-structure interaction in both cases with shallow and pile fouudations is vital, and the conventional desigu procedure excluding soil-structure interaction is not adequate to guarantee the structural safety for the moment resisting buildings resting on the soft soil.
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