Effects of property channel of real estate market in China - Case of Guangzhou, China

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of 18th Annual Pacific-Rim Real Estate Society Conference, 2012, pp. 1 - 13
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With the booming real estate market, the Chinese TV media launches a professional property TV channel - the Real Estate Channel. The Channel provides not only platforms for promoting real estate information, professional market analysis, housing policies, but also advertisements for developers to sell their real estates. There is an argument as to whether the Property Channel does attract audiences and influence people's purchase decision. This paper aims to analyse the effects of the Real Estate Channel to the real estate Market through a case of Guangzhou, China. A survey is conducted to explore the influences on the Real Estate Channel on peopleâs property purchase activities in Guangzhou. The study is conducted in the following manner: Firstly, the current background of the residential real estate market and the setting and programs of the Real Estate Channel are briefly illustrated. Secondly, mass media theory and literature on media's influences on real estate market are briefly reviewed. Thirdly, the survey design and data collection procedures are described. Audience rating of the Real Estate Channel was also collected for the study. Finally, the effects of Real Estate Channel on the real estate market are analysed. The findings suggest that the Real Estate Channel contributes in providing information on property that influences purchasers' decision.
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