Property Investment Advice: Who's who in the investment advice zoo?

Pacific Rim Real Estate Society
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Conference Proceeding
Pacific Rim Real Estate Conference (PRRES), 2011, pp. 1 - 16
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As direct property investment continues to grow particularly post the Global Financial Crisis, investors have increased their participation in the direction of investment decisions and how their money is invested. The quality of investment advice in relation to property and who provides that advice is of paramount importance and the primary focus of this paper. In contrast to property itself, advice in relation to property investment and who is best qualified to provide it, is central to this paper. This objective has been measured through a review of the practices and views of the various participants to the property purchase and investment process. A review of the roles, tasks and opinions of the various professions has been measured using surveys and discussions with professions a party to the purchase and investment process. In conclusion, opportunities are identified for property professionals to evolve the extent, scope and quality of advice in relation to direct property investment, through the evolvement of educational and pedagogical expansion of property practitioner.
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