Chapter 18 Wireless Power Transfer

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Principles of Inductive Near Field Communications for Internet of Things, 2011, 1, pp. 281 - 300
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Nowadays using electronic devices is an inevitable part of our life. They make life a lot easier for people. About 50 years ago, before the invention of mobile phones no one could imagine communicating with someone thousands of miles a way without the need for wires. Thanks to laptops and wireless modems, people can explore the web any time any where. These days, industrial robots are performing different tasks and reduce the required time and costs and the need for labour. They are even able to perform the tasks which might be harmful for humans such as tasks that military robots or space robots or robots for chemical analysis are performing. In a nutshell, all those electronic devices delivering a wide range of functions are here to improve our quality of life and to enhance our life experience. However they all have a common feature and that is they require a power source to fulfil a role.
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