Pulse Mapping for Impulse Radio Ultra Wideband Communications

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Recently, Ultra Wideband (UWB) has become attractive as an ultra high-speed transmission technique in WPAN. Impulse Radio (IR) UWB promises to bring a low power consumption and low cost. Effective mapping methods for a high-order IR modulation have been not considered yet, although a high-order IR modulation should be employed to a ultra high-speed wireless link above 1 Giga-bit per second (Gbps). In this paper, a novel Hamming distance enlarging pulse mapping method is proposed to IR UWB systems. It is presented by using an exemplary modulation scheme and its mapping table that the proposed mapping method can achieve a maximum Hamming distance between all neighboring pulses. A larger Hamming distance can increase the correction ability of forward error codes and improve the system BER performance. The effectiveness of proposed pulse mapping method to the conventional Gray mapping method was also demonstrated in a computer simulation.
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