Statistical Analysis of Interference in Asynchronous MC-CDMA Systems

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Two major sources of interference affect asynchronous MC-CDMA systems, i.e. multiple access interference due to subcarriers with the same frequency (MAI) and multiple access interference due to subcarriers with different frequency (ICI). Both MAI and ICI are generally modelled as zero-mean Gaussian random variable and their power has been previously been derived in the case of uniformly distributed timing offsets. In this paper, we derive an expression of the conditional power of the MAI and ICI as a function of timing offset. The advantage is that the interference power can then be derived for various distributions of the timing offsets. We then apply the expression to calculating the MAI and ICI power for two different distributions of timing offsets, i.e. uniform distribution and Poisson distribution. Finally, we propose a statistical model for asynchronous MC-CDMA systems that will simplify the computer simulation process of these systems. It is based on modelling the asynchronous system with a synchronous system followed by additive noise representing the MAI and ICI. The model is validated by comparing the BER at the output of the asynchronous system and the model.
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