The impact of culture on relationship creation and network formation in developing countries

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Fletcher, R. 2003 'The impact of culture on relationship creation and network formation in developing countries', 19th Annual International Marketing and Purchasing Conference, IMP Group, Lugano, Switzerland, pp. 1-18.
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Most studies on the impact of culture on the development of relationships and formation of networks in developing country markets are based on the etic approach which depends on evaluating markets by applying a set ofunderiying dimensions. For the most part these dimensions are based on 'western' concepts and descriptors. In addition, these concepts were based on the notion that different cultures were separated by political boundaries. These studies are likely to be unsuitable for emerging markets where ethnic boundaries are more likely to be different to political boundaries or where a number of ethnic groups are to be found within the same political boundary. Furthermore, the reliance on 'western' based cultural dimensions ignores the existence of cultural traits that are unique to a specific emerging market. For these reasons, it is proposed that an emic approach of assessing cultural drivers specific to an emerging market be used and then these markets will be clustered on the basis of cultural commonalities. This is likely to provide a more comprehensive means of assessing the impact of culture on predicting relationship creation and network formation in emerging markets.
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