Contemporary art and mediatization in Brand PRD

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Mapping Media In China: Region, Province, Locality, 2012, 1, pp. 126 - 142
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The transformati on of cultural production and con sumption in th e era of the information economy has also radically transfo rmed the world of contemporary art. The information techn ologies of globalization have effec ti vely opened up the borders of trad itional art studies' national boundari es. The new mobility of ar1 needs places to go and contemporary art biennales/biennials. have proli fe rated, especially in Asia (Clark 2007). In the context of the neoliberal world economy - the marketization of everyth ing - the new 'world art system' of mutually in fl uential art schools, galleries, aI1 fairs, art magazines, biennalesl biennials, museums and auction houses has led to rapid commodification of contemporary art (Holmes 2004).
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