Matching of objects moving across disjoint cameras

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings - International Conference on Image Processing, ICIP, 2006, pp. 1769 - 1772
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Matching of single individuals as they move across disjoint camera views is a challenging task in video surveillance. In this paper, we present a novel algorithm capable of matching single individuals in such a scenario based on appearance features. In order to reduce the variable illumination effects in a typical disjoint camera environment, a cumulative color histogram transformation is first applied to the segmented moving object. Then, an incremental major color spectrum histogram representation (IMCSHR) is used to represent the appearance of a moving object and cope with small pose changes occurring along the track. An IMCHSR-based similarity measurement algorithm is also proposed to measure the similarity of any two segmented moving objects. A final step of post-matching integration along the object's track is eventually applied. Experimental results show that the proposed approach proved capable of providing correct matching in typical situations. ©2006 IEEE.
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