Integration of business intelligence based on three-level ontology services

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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings - IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence, WI 2004, 2004, pp. 17 - 23
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Usually, integration of business intelligence (BI) from realistic telecom enterprise is by packing data warehouse (DW), OLAP, data mining and reporting from different vendors together. As a result, BI system users are transferred to a reporting system with reports, data models, dimensions and measures predefined by system designers. As a result of survey, 85% of DW projects failed to meet their intended objectives. In this paper, we investigate how to integrate BI packages into an adaptive and flexible knowledge portal by constructing an internal link and communication channel from top-level business concepts to underlying enterprise information systems (EIS). An approach of three-level ontology services is developed, which implements unified naming, directory and transport of ontology services, and ontology mapping and query parsing among conceptual view, analytical view and physical view from user interfaces through DW to EIS. Experiments on top of real telecom EIS shows that our solution for integrating BI presents much stronger power to support operational decision making more user-friendly and adoptively compared with those simply combining BI products presently available together. © 2004 IEEE.
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