Simultaneous Material Type Classification And Mapping Data Acquisition Using A Laser Range Finder

University of Technology, Sydney
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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Intelligent Technologies (InTech), 2007, pp. 124 - 129
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This paper presents a method for single sensor simultaneous derivation of three-dimensional mapping data and material type data for use in an autonomous sandblasting system. A Hokuyo laser range finder s firmware has been modified so that it returns intensity data. A range error and return intensity analyzing algorithm allows the material type of the sensed object to be determined from a set of known materials. Empirical results have demonstrated the system s ability to classify material type (under alignment and orientation constraints) from a set of known materials common to sandblasting environments (wood, concrete, metals with different finishes and cloth/fabric) and to successfully classify objects both when static and when fitted to an in-motion 6-DOF anthropomorphic robotic arm.
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