The integration of design parameters and the establishment of constraint and priority for innovation

The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
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Conference Proceeding
Proceedings - DesignEd Asia Conference 2013: Delimitation - Creating with Constraints, 2013, pp. 1 - 9
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This paper presents a new model for setting constraints and priority for contextualising innovation and iteration events during the course of new design development. It achieves this by establishing and dynamically integrating three parameter fields deemed critical to project success, setting the scope of innovation opportunity more broadly yet more strategically to enable productive re-framing of open-ended design tasks. It is proposed that contemporary design practice requires a means of establishing criteria and enabling short feedback loops for high quality innovations to result. The integrated parameter model presented in this paper seeks to support these objectives by rationalising the context of the innovation developed, determining the impact of pursuit of that innovation on associated parameters and providing a focus for connecting with various support for productive and timely feedback on ideas.
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