A Novel Real-time Self-similar Traffic Detector/Filter to Improve the Reliability of a TCP based End-to-end Client/Server Interaction Path for Shorter Roundtrip Time

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Proceedings of the 2nd International Conference on eBusiness and Telecommunication Networks, 2005, pp. 94 - 100
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The self-similarity (S 2) filter is proposed for real-time applications. It can be used independently or as an extra component for the enhanced RTPD (real-time traffic pattern detector) or E-RTPD. The S 2 filter basis is the asymptotically second-order self-similarity concept (alternatively called statistical 2 nd OSS or S2 nd OSS) for stationary time series. The focus is the IAT (inter-arrival times) traffic. The filter is original because similar approaches are not found in the literature for detecting self-similar traffic patterns on the fly. Different experiments confirm that with help form the S 2 filter the FLC (Fuzzy Logic Controller) dynamic buffer size tuner control more accurately. As a result the FLC improves the reliability of the client/server interaction path leading to shorter roundtrip time (RTT).
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