Pedestrain Monitoring System Using Wi-Fi Technology and RSSI Based Localization

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Journal Article
International Journal of Wireless & Mobile Networks, 2013, 5 (4), pp. 17 - 34
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This paper presentsa new simple mobile tracking system based on IEEE802.11 wireless signal detection, which can be used for analyzingthe movement of pedestrian traffic. Wi-Fi packets emitted by Wi-Fi enabled smartphones are received at a monitoring station and these packets contain date, time, MAC address, and other information. The packets are received at a number of stations, distributed throughout the monitoring zone, which can measure the received signal strength. Based on the location of stations and data collected at the stations, the movement of pedestrian traffic can be analyzed. This information can be used to improve the services, such as better bus schedule time and better pavement design. In addition, this paper presents a signal strength based localization method.
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