Depth adaptive zooming visual servoing for a robot with a zooming camera

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Journal Article
International Journal of Advanced Robotic Systems, 2013, 10
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To solve the view visibility problem and keep the observed object in the field of view (FOV) during the visual servoing, a depth adaptive zooming visual servoing strategy for a manipulator robot with a zooming camera is proposed. Firstly, a zoom control mechanism is introduced into the robot visual servoing system. It can dynamically adjust the camera's field of view to keep all the feature points on the object in the field of view of the camera and get high object local resolution at the end of visual servoing. Secondly, an invariant visual servoing method is employed to control the robot to the desired position under the changing intrinsic parameters of the camera. Finally, a nonlinear depth adaptive estimation scheme in the invariant space using Lyapunov stability theory is proposed to estimate adaptively the depth of the image features on the object. Three kinds of robot 4DOF visual positioning simulation experiments are conducted. The simulation experiment results show that the proposed approach has higher positioning precision. © 2013 Xin et al.
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