New proposed conceptual mathematical models for biomass viability and membrane fouling of membrane bioreactor

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Journal Article
Bioresource Technology, 2013, 142 pp. 737 - 740
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The production and accumulation of soluble microbial products (SMP), extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and colloidal inert compounds within a membrane bioreactor (MBR) may greatly affect the biomass viability and subsequently the permeability of the membrane. This paper aims at presenting new mathematical models of biomass viability and membrane fouling that has been conceptually developed through establishing links between these biomass parameters and operating parameters of the MBR. The proposed models can be used to predict the biomass viability and membrane fouling at any state of operation of MBR. Meanwhile, easily measurable parameters of the proposed model can also serve to estimate SMP/EPS concentration in the supernatant of MBR without the tedious and expensive measurement. © 2013 Elsevier Ltd.
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